Featured Integration: Sensibo AC and heat pump control

Till Follow 23 Sep 2023
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The goal of Zerofy is to provide a dashboard and an autopilot for electrified homes. We connect all devices via their cloud APIs. Our app serves as the single control center across vendors. Our algorithms steer the devices to optimize energy consumption for cost and CO2, while ensuring comfort, for example with our recently announced Run on Solar feature.

But what if some of your devices are not internet connected? For AC and heat pump our integration with Sensibo offers a great solution.

What is Sensibo

Sensibo is a device that makes any AC or heat pump indoor unit smart. As these units are typically controlled via a manual remote control, sensibo is simply an internet connected “remote control” that sends the same commands as your manual remote control to the unit (via infrared).

The video below explains how it works:

You simply install the small sensibo unit in the same room like the AC unit(s) such that there is a visual connection between the two devices. Sensiob then connects to your wifi, and via the sensibo app or API you can now control your AC or heating.

How does Zerofy integrate with Sensibo?

Zerofy integrates with the sensibo device, which means you can control your sensibo, respectively heat pump and AC, directly from the Zerofy app. You can also set up smart automatic control of the devices, for example with Run On Solar. This means whenever there is a surplus of solar energy, Zerofy via sensibo can trigger your AC or heat pump to start pre-heating or cooling the rooms with green and free energy.

What does it cost?

Sensibo devices start at around 130 Euro, and are available with an additional Fall discount on Sensibo’s website.