Always know when your electricity is greenest: new Zerofy app feature

Till Follow 07 Oct 2022

In the transition to a zero carbon lifestyle, we’re all trying to make the smartest decisions possible. Access to accurate information and data is a key part of determining how and when we use energy. We’re excited to announce a new feature in the Zerofy app that empowers you to easily see when electricity is greenest, so you can determine the best time for higher energy household activities.

This feature, part of the Actions section, is called Shift Electricity Loads.

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Carbon intensity is the grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) resulting from one unit of electricity, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). The makeup of the electricity in your grid comes from a variety of sources, some more green than others. This means that depending on how electricity is generated, the carbon intensity of electricity you use in your home can vary significantly. For example, when electricity is being produced using coal power plants, the carbon intensity is higher and the electricity less green. When there is full sun and strong wind, renewable electricity production is higher. This means the carbon intensity of your electricity is lower, and the electricity is more green.

Notably, these variations in carbon intensity don’t just happen day-over-day; there can be significant changes on an hour-to-hour basis. This is why we felt it was so important for our users to have a feature that provides visibility into these changes, so they can easily make the best decisions about their electricity use.

So, how does this new feature fit into your lifestyle?

  • Be in the know when electricity is greenest. You can choose to receive notifications that let you know when your electricity is the most green. Notifications on C2 intensity This means you won’t need to worry about constantly checking the carbon intensity graph, and can rely on Zerofy to notify you when carbon intensity is low. This is a great way to stay informed throughout the day of how green your electricity is.

  • Use electricity more thoughtfully. By viewing the carbon intensity graph for your country, you can decide how to structure your energy-use. We can think of household appliances in two ways: those that are constantly running, like a fridge, and those we choose when to run, like a dishwasher. For the latter, carbon intensity insight helps you choose when to run them. For example, if you get a notification letting you know your electricity is very green right now, you can decide to bake a cake or charge your electric vehicle now instead of later. You can also become familiar with general patterns, allowing you to plan energy-intensive activities.

  • Balance cost with energy use. The cost of energy is of utmost importance to households at the moment. This new feature is unique in that it also includes the current price of electricity, mapped alongside carbon intensity. This means you can factor in how much you will pay for electricity at the same time you evaluate what kinds of energy-consuming activities you wish to do.

Accurate and tailored carbon intensity information is available at your fingertips so you can take control over the quality of the electricity you are using, and when. Head to the Apple App Store to get the updated Zerofy (or join our waitlist to get notified once we launch in your country and on Android).