Reduce your household's carbon emissions

Track emissions across mobility, home, food, and purchases. Reduce emissions with targeted actions and low-carbon energy and products. Measure and track your impact towards becoming a zero-carbon, fully electrified household.

The carbon tracking app has been discontinued to focus on energy management. If your are interested in using it, fill-in the form below.

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iPhone frame Transport CO2 emissions tracking list
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Measure and understand your household’s CO2 emissions

Zerofy tracks your emissions with the least effort, and is highly automated. Understand what the main sources of your emissions are and see patterns over time.

Explore daily, monthly, yearly charts with breakdown by category (home, transport, food, consumption).

Transportation emissions are logged automatically by using your mobile device's motion and recognising the type of transportation (car, bike, plane etc.). You can even configure your specific car model.

You can also connect smart appliances from brands such as Miele or Zaptec to track devices’ consumption and emissions. Overall electricity usage is calculated based on your household size.

Automatically estimate emissions for goods and services purchased, based on your card transaction’s category and spending amount. (Connecting your card is optional.)

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Reduce emissions with green energy and energy efficiency

Reducing the use of fossil fuels in electricity, heating, and mobility is a big lever for CO2 emissions reduction. Zerofy helps you in this transition, both lowering emissions and increasing energy independence for your household and country.

Become a green electricity producer by investing in our solar farms. This way you produce green energy, save money, and reduce emissions.

Use smart appliances to wash and bake when energy is greenest.

Switch to driving an EV and charge when energy is green.

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Take action by optimizing your lifestyle

Set a target year by when you’d like to hit zero emissions, and zerofy calculates and tracks a decreasing CO2 budget to hit 0 at that point.

Zerofy suggests personalized actions with the highest impact.

Get awareness on which habits matter and see the effect on a daily basis.

See how you stand compared to your emissions target and budget.

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Discover low-carbon
products and services

Zerofy helps you reduce your household’s carbon emissions by introducing lower carbon alternatives to the products and services you use.

Products for reducing energy and water use without sacrificing quality of life.

The latest EVs and electric bikes.

Selected other consumer goods in fashion, food, etc.

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